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This is a list of high profile people on the Internet, many in the art world and technology

  1. Elon Musk Founder of SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity and Nuralink.

  2. Bruce Schneier Security Guru - New Book: Click here to kill everybody !

  3. Charles Chauhan 4 Found: Zamora business developer, Tokenise Investor relations, Indian actress and young YouTuber.

  4. Sadie Hennessy Mixed media artist and art competition judge.

  5. Alice Herrick London based artist, curator & dancer. Founder & director of Herrick Gallery.

  6. Gaye Black London based musician (The Adverts 1976 ~ 1979) and artist.

  7. Peter Blue Kent based developer, investor and business networker.

  8. Victoria Salem Founder and CEO of the Golden Network based in London.

  9. John Wood Kent & London based property and real-estate.

  10. Charlie Chauhan Indian TV actress known for many popular roles.

  11. Link Mayor of London on Twitter: "I want London not only to be the best city in the world to be a woman, but a trailblazer in fighting for gender equality – and I know these values form the bedrock of our relationship with New Zealand & Canada. An honour to host @JacindaArdern & @JustinTrudeau yesterday.… https://t.co/CtDIfWFb9O"







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