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This is a list of high profile people on the Internet, many in the art world, opera, business and technology

  1. Elon Musk Founder of SpaceX, Tesla, SolarCity and Nuralink. Made his fortune from PayPal.

  2. Bruce Schneier Security Guru - New Book: Click here to kill everybody !

  3. Charles Chauhan 4 Found: Zamora business developer, Tokenise Investor relations, Indian actress and young YouTuber.

  4. Sadie Hennessy Mixed media artist and art competition judge.

  5. Alice Herrick London based artist, curator & dancer. Founder & director of Herrick Gallery.

  6. Gaye Black London based musician (The Adverts 1976 ~ 1979) and artist.

  7. Peter Blue Kent based developer, investor and business networker.

  8. Victoria Salem Founder and CEO of the Golden Network based in London.

  9. Katerina Mina London-based opera singer and concert pianist.

  10. John Wood Kent & London based property and real-estate.

  11. Charlie Chauhan Indian TV actress known for many popular roles.

  12. Link Mayor of London on Twitter: "I want London not only to be the best city in the world to be a woman, but a trailblazer in fighting for gender equality – and I know these values form the bedrock of our relationship with New Zealand & Canada. An honour to host @JacindaArdern & @JustinTrudeau yesterday.… https://t.co/CtDIfWFb9O"







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