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Gaye Advert (born August 29, 1956), also Gaye Black, is an English punk rock musician, who played bass guitar in the band the Adverts in the late 1970s. She was one of the first female rock stars of the punk rock movement, whom The Virgin Encyclopedia of 70s Music called the "first female punk star".[1] She was "one of punk’s first female icons". Dave Thompson wrote that her "photogenic" looks, "panda-eye make-up and omnipresent leather jacket defined the face of female punkdom until well into the next decade".

Black and Adverts frontman T. V. Smith were both from Bideford, a small coastal town in Devon. The pair moved to London and formed the band there in 1976. They were later married.

After the demise of the Adverts in 1979, Advert stopped playing bass and disappeared from the British punk scene, taking up a career as a manager in social services. She recounted her experiences of being in the band in an interview for Zillah Minx's 2010 film She's a Punk Rocker UK.

She is an artist and often seen on art sites like British Women Artists where she has been known to judge their annual art competition.







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