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There seem to be many people named Charles Chauhan on the interwebz, here are a few that we found :-

  1. Charlie Chauhan is an Indian TV actress who is best known for playing Ela in the TV program "Best Friends Forever?". She also stared as "Mukti" in the TV show "Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan" and "Warrior High". Chauhan started her career in "MTV Roadies 7". She was born in 1989 in Shimla, India.

  2. Charles Chauhan is a London based property developer who focuses on developments around the UK, in the Caribbean and Central America. He works for Tokenise as Investor Relations.

  3. Charles Chauhan is a young YouTuber and singer.

  4. Charles Chauhan Lives near Purley (London) and is Zamora's head of Business Development. He was a film producer and a fashion designer.







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