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It was in October 2013 that Victoria Salem decided to put all her skills together and work on a project that was her own. In The Golden Network (TGN), she creates things that she is passionate about (networking and socialising) and decided to fill a gap in the market (socialising community for the finance industry) while creating a business out of it.

She wanted to create a lively, personal community that caters to the social yet career-driven finance professionals by providing an exciting alternative to the stale and boring corporate networking events that most people are used to.

By holding events every week, TGN provides sophisticated and entertaining occasions that allow our member's to relax while socialising with the kind of people they could potentially do business with.

The main goal is to build a valuable network over time and she looks forward to meeting lots of new members at one of the TGN events.

In 2019 she teamed up with opera singer Katerina Mina to form TGN Coaching. Her experience with TGN will help members gain confidence in their business networking skills.







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